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Ok, I seem to always be contradicting myself. ^_^ Since, it seems that almost everyone is busy - rainfire_dancer is going to be gone for 11 days, caithion is moving and insanefriends will also be gone for several days. 

Thus, I don't think anyone would mind if I implemented a semi-hiatus.  Basically, all the character interactions will remain open and everyone can still post if they want but the deadline will be pushed FAR back and we'll just take things as they come.  I also won't post any new information until August. If anyone is against this idea, please tell me and I see if I can find an alternative solution.

Besides that, everyone please enjoy your summer!



Police Investigator #8

It seems as though Tachibana-san and Mello-san are having difficulty contacting the suspects. Thus I've taken the liberty of e-mailing each of the suspects to meet at Sakura Pavilion Restaurant to uncover the real murderer. Though I don't know how many of them will attend, perhaps the need for closure will draw most of them there. I've contacted Tachibana-san and Mello-san and I hope they will attend as well, since I'm not looking forward to being surrounded by belligerent, weeping and all-around crazy Sohmas

[in other words - character interaction!]

Location: Sakura Pavilion Restaurant

Mod Post

I know how busy everyone is so I've extended the ending date to Wednesday, July 27. If anyone needs it to be extended any further just comment on this post, I'm not in any hurry though it would be nice to wrap things up. Also, what would be the best day for an all-character interaction for everyone?

Honda Tohru

Location: Hana Park

Tohru looks around the park for a familiar figure but is unsuccessful in her search. Sitting down at a nearby bench, she draws out a magazine ("Japanese Baby") and starts reading but is interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone.

"Yuki?" Tohru exclaims in surprise.

"I left a note for you along with a snack in the refrigerator. I'm taking a walk around the park."

"No, no, I'm fine by myself. Don't worry - I just needed some fresh air"

"Ok, I'll be back soon."

She hangs up and continues reading distractedly, scanning the park every so often as if searching for someone.
Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete

Letter from Tachibana Sakon to Honda Tohru-san

Honda Tohru-san,

Forgive my insensitivity in contacting you in regards to this matter, but if at all possible, I'd like to speak with you in regards to Sohma Kyou's death. I understand how difficult this time is for you and know I have already caused you much trouble these past few days. However, I sincerely want to find the one who did this to Sohma Kyou-san in repayment for the kindnesses you offered me over the length of my stay, despite my intrusion at such a sensitive time for you and your companions.

I understand that it may be difficult as all those close to you have been so kind in protecting you from the troubles surrounding the investigation of his death and that you do not want to cause the family trouble, but those of us working on the case have been left in the dark in regards to the situation surrounding Sohma Kyou's demise. If you could spare just a little time today, please contact me and we can speak further of the matter. I would like to clear this matter up in order to prevent further trouble on your part.

My apologies,
Tachibana Sakon
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Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete

Tachibana Sakon's Post-Lunch Meeting Notes

While I'm not quite certain how productive the lunch meeting was, we were able to decide just how the suspects would be split up for investigation. I am not certain I fully trust the investigation abilities of the detective Mello-san, I can only hope his eccentricities and fascination with Sohma Shigure-san do not make the investigation any more difficult for the police detective and myself. I was able to gain the responsibility of two of what I believe may be the easiest suspects to talk with... along with the most difficult two. I hope to speak with Tohru-san and Momiji-san first and then attempt to use my family's name to arrange speaking time, no matter how small with the clan head and his physician aide. I fear if I speak with Sohma Akito-san first, he may forbid the others from speaking with me or, even worse, contact my family and trouble my grandfather with my actions.
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Mod Post

I'm back, so let's resume this RPG.  I'm sure everyone's about ready to find out whodunit, so let's put the ending date at 7/23/05, which is when the final detective reports regarding their conclusions will be due.

We have a new role-player as Kagura - shanaofthemoon will be taking over that part.

Detectives will have to arrange one-on-one interrogations on their own,though at least one more all character interaction will be set up during the week.

The suspect interaction (Sohma clan meeting) will still be open for several days, since it was interrupted midway.

Have fun and enjoy!

Nana <3

Kagura's thoughts during the meeting

[Italics are thoughts]

The girl dressed in black contiuned to kneel on the ground, staring at her dress. Her orange cat purse was left outside, as she didn't think Akito would allow it. He hated that cat, that's for sure. He was probably happy that Kyou died. She certainly wasn't. Maybe Yuki too, but it was certainly not unexpected.

I wonder who the culprit is. I dislike being with Akito...He makes me nervous, and his malicious smile makes it even that much worse. I kind of feel bad for Hatori-san, having to put up with that...thing constantly. Not to mention he sometimes might have to touch Akito. Just thinking about that makes me want to hurl. Shigure-san always seem to be thrown into the mix too. Does he like Akito? Who could, though? I wonder after that incident, did Hatori-san ever feel the same way toward Akito?

I don't even recall the last time we all had a gathering like this, except maybe at New Years. During New Years, it's pretty much become a mandatory thing to return to the main house though. Especially if it's your year to preform. I know Akito wants to find out who killed Kyou-kun, I do too...But I feel like something's wrong, like something's missing. Maybe it's just me?

Sighing softly, the once strong girl's glance faded into the distance to the walls behind the opposite side of the table. The paper sliding doors and other decorations was all she concentrated on.

(no subject)

Detective, feel free to arrange interaction time with your assigned suspects to question them.  If you have any questions about any of the details of the murder or background details that can be easily investigated, feel free to post them and answer will be given in response.

Suspect AssignmentsCollapse )

According to the comments I've recieved, most everyone won't mind if I suspend this game while I'm gone, so that's what I am going to do.  We'll pause beginning on July 4 and resume July 17. 

However,  keikain had the suggestion of starting another game during the two weeks that I'll be gone.  If everyone wants to do that, and someone's willing to mod that, I think it'll be an excellent idea.  If not, we can just continue from where we left off, and we still have about two days left, so let's just have fun ^_^


Juunishi Meeting

Now that the detectives have discussed things, it's also time for the suspects to talk about the case.  What better occasion then when all of them have been called together by the clan head? 

Participants: Sohma Akito, Sohma Shigure, Sohma Hatori, Sohma Yuki, Sohma Kagura, Sohma Momiji, Sohma Hatsuharu, Sohma Hiro, Sohma Kisa

Excused: Sohma Ayame (business trip), Sohma Isuzu/Rin (traveling), Sohma Ritsu (traveling abroad), Sohma Kureno (material arts forum in Hokkaido)

Location: Sohma Clan Main House